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Aliens: Colonial Marines on PC was released on Tuesday 12 February 2013. You can now play Aliens: Colonial Marines on your PC in the USA. View below for more Aliens: Colonial Marines release date details.
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IncGamers’ Worst PC Game Launch of 2013 – The R...
The IncGamers list of Worst PC Game Launches concluded with the chance to vote for the foulest piece of garbage to pollute the fair machine in 2013...
225 days 17 hours ago | Opinion piece | syrinx | PC
Profitable From Pre-Orders: A Conspiracy Theory
Some reasons we might need to be afraid of game companies making a profit off preorders.
370 days 4 hours ago | Opinion piece | TaldusServo | Industry
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Stasis Interrupted D...
SEGA and Gearbox revealed that Aliens: Colonial Marines' final DLC, Stasis Interrupted, will be released next week on PC, X360 and PS3.
397 days 17 hours ago | News | john2 | PC
Get a dream job as a video game designer
Study video game design and start a career in the video game industry. Learn more from some of the nation’s leading schools and colleges.
Aliens: Colonial Marines 'Bug Hunt' DLC out now
"Aliens: Colonial Marines' long-awaited (haha) "Bug Hunt" downloadable content is now available on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network. It's ...
518 days 9 hours ago | Opinion piece | zerocrossing | PC
Should Gamers Be Given More Rights in the Wake ...
Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece asking if gamers should be allowed greater rights in the wake of recent launch issues for...
530 days 1 hour ago | Opinion piece | Garethvk | Industry
Preorder Now For Dishonesty, Bad Business, And ...
GR: "Because you need the statue to remember that you bought a sh***y game." Be careful, the sarcasm is in force here.
548 days 17 hours ago | Opinion piece | dbjj12088 | PC
Jimquisition Previewed, Preordered, Prescrewed
Preorder culture expects gamers to trust developers more than ever, but how does that work when they inspire so little faith? The "take cash now...
549 days 3 hours ago | Opinion piece | zerocrossing | PC
Aliens: CM reviewed: An embarrassment that shou...
Five years ago, visited Gearbox Software’s Dallas headquarters for the first reveal of Aliens: Colonial Marines. They saw what they we...
549 days 8 hours ago | Review | timcolwill | PC
'Aliens: Colonial Marines' has biggest launch o...
Sega and Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines landed at the number one spot of the UK all formats chart in its debut week, beating out major...
549 days 19 hours ago | News | Lionheart377 | PC
Why preordering games is never a good idea
Preordering games may, more often than not, leave consumers at a bigger disadvantage than they would have expected.
552 days 14 hours ago | Opinion piece | Tolkoto | Industry
ADG Weekly Release: Aliens Colonial Marines – M...
ADG plays the first mission of the contraversion Alien Colonial Marines.
553 days 10 hours ago | Video | AntDaGamer | Xbox 360
Aliens: Colonial Marines Launch Trailer
Take a look at the Aliens: Colonial Marines Launch Trailer.
555 days 8 hours ago | Trailer | Emilio_Estevez | PC
Aliens: Colonial Marines Unplayable to Australi...
Gameranx: "Aussie gamers are unable to play Aliens: Colonial Marines on the PC despite the game's early launch on Steam."
556 days 5 hours ago | News | StillGray | PC
PC game release list for the week of 02.10.13
The following is a list of PC games released for the week of February 10th, 2013.
556 days 18 hours ago | Article | Aerie | PC
New Game Releases Of February 11-17
Alice O'Connor: ''For decades you've dreamed about being a space marine, gunning down those rubbery black aliens every night with your pulse rifle....
556 days 21 hours ago | Article | Gekko | PC
El33tonline Feature: Worldwide game releases fo...
El33tonline writes: "Fighting the fear… In terms of brand new videogame releases, this week belongs to Aliens: Colonial Marines, but there ar...
556 days 22 hours ago | News | OliverKO | PC
Aliens: Colonial Marines set to terrify South A...
Lisa at El33tonline writes: "Ster Kinekor showcased Aliens: Colonial Marines to members of the press at their offices in Sandton, Johannesburg l...
564 days ago | Article | OliverKO | PC
Nvidia GeForce 310.90 WHQL Released - Updated S...
DSOGaming writes: "Nvidia has released a new WHQL driver for its graphics cards. According to the changelog, this new drivers offers performance im...
593 days 1 hour ago | News | john2 | PC
Aliens: Colonial Marines : Pre-order Trailer (UK)
From "In Aliens: Colonial Marines, players are part of a United States Colonial Marine squad and must prepare to face an alie...
707 days 20 hours ago | Trailer | JamieSI | PC
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Pre-Order Gamestop ...
DSOGaming writes: "Gearbox has revealed the pre-order bonus content for those who decided to pre-purchase Aliens: Colonial Marines from Gamestop."
709 days 4 hours ago | News | PiccoloGR | PC
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The release date has been confirmed to be Tuesday 12 February 2013. 822d 18h ago
The release date has changed from 2012 to Tuesday 12 February 2013. 822d 18h ago
The release date has changed from 2012 to Tuesday 12 February 2013. 822d 18h ago
The release date is confirmed to be Tuesday 12 February 2013. 822d 18h ago
The release date is confirmed to be 2012. 928d 19h ago
The release date is confirmed to be 2012. 928d 19h ago
The release date has changed from Friday 11 November 2011 to 2012. 1018d 20h ago
The release date has changed from Thursday 31 December 2009 to Friday 11 November 2011. 1765d 12h ago
The release date is expected to be Friday 26 March 2010. 1939d 22h ago
The release date is expected to be Thursday 31 December 2009. 1967d 10h ago
The release date has changed from Monday 02 March 2009 to Monday 01 June 2009. 2122d 22h ago
The release date is expected to be Friday 27 March 2009. 2186d 16h ago

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