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Runes of Magic on PC was released on Tuesday 09 December 2008. You can now play Runes of Magic on your PC in the USA. View below for more Runes of Magic release date details.
Release Date News
PC game release list for the week of 06.10.12
Seeing as games generally are let loose upon the market [normally] every Tuesday here in North America, it's once again time for another list of th...
899 days 20 hours ago | Article | Aerie | PC
Runes of Magic: Chapter V Confirmed for June Re...
Frogster has confirmed that it will be releasing the fifth chapter to the online role-playing game Runes of Magic in June, entitled Fires of Shadow...
975 days 10 hours ago | News | mathsman | PC
Runes of Magic: RuneWaker Entertainment Release...
GameBandits: "The MMORPG game, Runes of Magic, was developed by Runewaker Entertainment, which is Taiwan-based. It has been adapted to suit the Eng...
1025 days 3 hours ago | News | Gamer636 | PC
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Runes of Magic Browser Version Launched
Frogster Interactive has launched a new version of Runes of Magic, playable in a browser without any required installation. The new browser version...
1074 days 20 hours ago | News | kevco33 | PC
Runes of Magic Rewards Programme Launched
Today marks the launch of Score for More, a new bonus programme for Frogster’s popular fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMOR...
1077 days 14 hours ago | News | kevco33 | PC
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Release Date Changes
The release date has changed from Wednesday 31 December 2008 to Tuesday 09 December 2008. 2194d 14h ago
The release date has been confirmed to be Friday 28 November 2008. 2220d 22h ago
The release date is expected to be Friday 28 November 2008. 2240d 17h ago

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