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Wasteland 2 on PC has a confirmed release date on August 2014. It is 3 days left until you can play Wasteland 2 on your PC in the USA. View below for more Wasteland 2 release date details.
Release Date News
Wasteland 2, Sequel to Fallout's Predecessor, L...
Wasteland 2 finally got a release date 26 years later.
7 days 13 hours ago | News | Magnus701 | PC
Wasteland 2 Opening Movie Released
The opening movie for inXile's upcoming post-apocalyptic cRPG, Wasteland 2, which is slated for release end of August 2014 and currently out on Ste...
95 days 1 hour ago | Video | JamieSI | PC
Wasteland 2 MCM Comic Con Screenshots - releas...
inExile's turn based post apocalyptic action role playing game has received some new screens and art ahead of this week's MCM Comic Con in London's...
97 days 3 hours ago | Screenshot | bunt-custardly | PC
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Full Wasteland 2 Release Coming in August
Hardcore Gamer: It was announced today that Wasteland 2 will finally be released in August 2014.
98 days 10 hours ago | News | ValKilmer | PC
Wasteland 2 Release Date Announced
Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Finally. I feel like I backed this game like two years ago, because I did."
98 days 22 hours ago | News | idsanty | PC
Wasteland 2 Beta Update Coming Tomorrow, Screen...
Tomorrow is update day as the next beta update for Wasteland 2 will be available on Steam. InXile Entertainment CEO Brian Fargo announced on Kickst...
184 days 20 hours ago | News | KendrickLamar | PC
Wasteland 2 beta update goes live next week
The next, major update to post-apocalyptic role-playing game Wasteland 2 goes live on Steam on Monday, 24th February, developer inXile has announced.
187 days 9 hours ago | News | jackanderson1985 | PC
Wasteland 2 Retail Release Confirmed for PAL Te...
InXile Entertainment and Deep Silver announced a North American distribution deal for inXile’s upcoming role-playing game (RPG) Wasteland 2 last we...
404 days 5 hours ago | News | mathsman | PC
All of 2013′s Video Game Releases in one Place
onPause writes: While I am not a massive fan of listing out video game releases – we have other sites for that – I did want to post this very co...
577 days 22 hours ago | Opinion piece | mcroddi | PC
Staff Musings: Diablo III proves old-school Fal...
On the week of Diablo III’s release last month, Pixelitis' Patrick Kulikowski was one of the millions of gamers click, click, and clicking away thr...
791 days 9 hours ago | Opinion piece | PixelitisBlog | PC
First Wasteland 2 concept art released | Info
Back in 1988, a little title called Wasteland hit the market, developing a cult following.
869 days 9 hours ago | Article | Aerie | PC
Wasteland 2 Kickstarter launched
The Kickstarter page for Wasteland 2, Brian Fargo's sequel to the 1988 post-nuclear classic, has just been launched. Rewards for contributors range...
897 days 1 hour ago | News | Ausir | PC
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Release Date Changes
The release date is confirmed to be August 2014. 95d 2h ago
The release date is confirmed to be August 2014. 95d 2h ago
The release date is confirmed to be August 2014. 95d 2h ago

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