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Rift on PC was released on Tuesday 01 March 2011. You can now play Rift on your PC in the USA. View below for more Rift release date details.
Release Date News
Upcoming Rift Expansion Suffers Release Delays
The Rift community suffered a small blow today as developers Trion Worlds announced that the upcoming expansion, Nightmare Tide, has been delayed b...
53 days 14 hours ago | News | CaptainCamper | PC
RIFT Nightmare Tide Release Date Announced
The Newest Expansion of The game called RIFT, The expansion is named as Nightmare Tide introducing a whole new level of Excitement with The Nightma...
87 days 20 hours ago | News | DareDevilDD | PC
Rift looks to receive Dream Weaver update next ...
Rift update 2.6 looks to be set for release on February 12th. Introducing a crafting class known as ‘Dream Weavers’. Along with the new class, ther...
291 days 23 hours ago | News | Tomuk2014 | PC
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Rift's free-to-play relaunch finds success with...
GamesBeat recently spoke to Trion Worlds and Raptr about their partnership to promote the successful F2P relaunch of MMORPG Rift.
438 days 19 hours ago | News | barefootgamer | PC
Rift: Conquest Launching this Week
Trion Worlds has announced that Conquest, the ninth massive update to for the publisher’s popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (M...
881 days 8 hours ago | News | mathsman | PC
Rift launches new trial version Rift Lite, firs...
Trion Worlds has just announced that Rift will be launching a trial version of the game today with patch Carnival of the Ascended known as RIFT Lite..
1027 days 20 hours ago | News | mmojunkie | PC
RIFT 1.7 update rolls out today
RIFT patch 1.7 has gone live today - featuring in-game marriages, updates to level 45+ gear, a brand new chronicle and a new world event.
1028 days 19 hours ago | News | LKraszewski | PC
Rift Lite launches today, play the first 20 lev...
Trion Worlds is releasing Rift Lite, a fully featured version of their Rift title which allows you to play the first 20 levels for free. This is la...
1029 days 4 hours ago | News | XanthanGun | PC
Exclusive: Rift's "Instant Adventure" going liv...
GamesRadar - When we last saw Rift, the developers were showing off the massive 1.6 update, which added the Ember Isle to the list of the game's lo...
1088 days 8 hours ago | News | -Mezzo- | PC
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Release Date Changes
The release date is confirmed to be Tuesday 01 March 2011. 1388d 9h ago
The release date is confirmed to be Tuesday 01 March 2011. 1388d 9h ago
The release date is confirmed to be Tuesday 01 March 2011. 1388d 9h ago
The release date is expected to be Tuesday 01 March 2011. 1388d 9h ago

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