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Guns of Icarus Online on PC was released on Monday 29 October 2012. You can now play Guns of Icarus Online on your PC in the USA. View below for more Guns of Icarus Online release date details.
Release Date News
Guns of Icarus Online Launches
"A hurricane on the day you launch an airship is usually a bad sign, but not this time. Guns of Icarus Online ( has finally ri...
778 days 21 hours ago | News | HaRdNuT07 | PC
PC game release list for the week of 10.28.12
The following is a list of PC games released for the week of October 28th, 2012.
779 days 22 hours ago | Article | Aerie | PC
Guns of Icarus Online - Screenshots released
Muse Games has released an assortment of new screenshots from Guns of Icarus Online, the company's upcoming team-based multiplayer online airship c...
818 days 12 hours ago | Screenshot | SactoGamer | PC
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'Guns of Icarus Online' now available for preor...
Examiner's David Leavitt writes: "Muse Games' upcoming videogame "Guns of Icarus Online" is now available for preorder on Steam. The team-based mul...
818 days 15 hours ago | News | David Leavitt | PC
Guns of Icarus Online Now Available to Pre-order
Muse Games’ Guns of Icarus Online is now available for official pre-order on Steam with a 25% off discount. With any pre-order comes immediate acce...
848 days ago | News | mathsman | PC
Editorial – If you pre-order one game today, ma...
Liam Richardson explains why Guns of Icarus Online is worth a chance: "A few weeks ago, Phill and I had the very rare opportunity of trying out ...
862 days 12 hours ago | Article | meevil | PC
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Release Date Changes
The release date is expected to be Monday 29 October 2012. 815d 3h ago

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