Warriors Orochi 3 Release Dates - Xbox 360

Warriors Orochi 3 on Xbox 360 was released on Tuesday 20 March 2012. You can now play Warriors Orochi 3 on your Xbox 360 in the USA. View below for more Warriors Orochi 3 release date details.
Release Date News
New Video Game Releases: March 26 – April 2
Whew. Things seem to calming back down again, if only for a week or two. Pickins are slim this week, with only a couple of major releases, includin...
1000 days 5 hours ago | Article | PaladinXII | PC
New Releases: March 25th – 31st 2012, Scott Ten...
Compared to the last few weeks, this one doesn’t have nearly as many games to get excited about. There are still some great games this week though,...
1002 days 20 hours ago | News | TrendyGamers | Nintendo DS
Official Launch Trailer Published for Warriors ...
Tecmo Koei published the official launch trailer today for the upcoming game, Warriors Orochi 3.
1004 days 20 hours ago | Trailer | Stoletarts | Xbox 360
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New Video Game Releases: March 19 – March 25
Just when you thought it was safe to dive into your “pile of shame,” another week filled with huge releases jumps out and gets ya.
1007 days 2 hours ago | Article | PaladinXII | PC
Warriors Orochi 3 Western Release Date Confirmed
Tecmo Koei Europe has this morning confirmed that the long awaited Warriors Orochi 3 will receive a release in both Europe and North America this s...
1063 days 7 hours ago | News | mathsman | Xbox 360
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Release Date Changes
The release date is expected to be Tuesday 20 March 2012. 1044d 6h ago

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