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Games : PC : "P"
Game Title Platform Release Dates Review
USA Europe Australia Japan Score
Pony World PC         8.0
P-3 Biotic PC          
P13 PC          
PAC 3D PC         5.5
Pac-Man PC          
PAC-MAN +Tournaments PC          
Pac-Man Championship Edition PC          
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX PC          
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Plus PC         9.4
Pac-Man Museum PC         7.1
PAC-MAN Pizza Parlor PC         7.0
Pac-Man S PC          
Pac-Man Smash PC          
Paca Plus PC         5.5
Pacapong PC          
Pacific Rim PC         4.8
Pacific Rim 2 PC          
Pacific Rim: Jaeger Combat Simulator PC          
Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot PC          
Pacific Rim: The Video Game PC         4.0
Pacific Storm: Allies PC 21 Jan 2008 27 May 2007     6.8
Package PC         7.0
Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures PC 04 Mar 2014 07 Mar 2014 07 Mar 2014   6.2
Pageant Princess PC         6.0
Pahelika Collection PC         6.0
Pahelika: Revelations PC         6.0
Pahelika: Revelations HD PC          
Pahelika: Secret Legends PC         6.4
Painkiller PC         7.9
Painkiller Hell & Damnation PC         6.7
Painkiller Triple Dose PC          
Painkiller: Overdose PC 23 Oct 2007       6.2
Painkiller: Redemption PC         6.8
Painkiller: Resurrection PC 27 Oct 2009 27 Oct 2009     3.7
Paint The Town Red PC          
Painted Cave PC          
Painted Skin 2 PC          
Painters Unite PC          
Pajama Sam 4: Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff PC         3.0
Pakoombo PC         7.0
Pakurin PC          
Paladin PC          
Pale Blue PC          
Palette PC          
Palin's Tea Bomber PC          
Palladion PC          
PAMELA PC          
Pamoja Mtaani PC          
Pamplemousse PC          
Panchito Chepas PC          
Panda Rage PC          
Pandamonium PC          
Pandara PC          
Pandas In The Mist PC          
Pandemic PC          
Pandemic: American Swine PC          
Pandemonium! PC          
Pandora Saga PC         6.0
Pandora Saga: Weapons of Balance PC          
Pandora Stealth PC          
Pandora's Box PC          
Pandora: Eclipse of Nashira PC         8.3
Pandora: First Contact PC         8.1
Pandora’s Gearbox PC          
Pang Ya PC         8.0
Pangaea: New World PC          
Pangea Arcade PC         8.0
Pangenesis PC          
Pangya PC          
Pangya Season 4: Delight PC         7.0
Pangya: United PC          
Panic Breakout PC          
Panic in the Park PC          
Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper PC          
Pann PC          
Pannonia Rally PC          
Panopticam PC          
Panta-Rhei PC          
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen PC          
Panzar PC         8.0
Panzar General Online PC          
Panzer PC          
Panzer Command: Kharkov PC Mar 2008 Mar 2008     6.7
Panzer Command: Ostfront PC         7.0
Panzer Corps PC 15 Jun 2011       8.4
Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps PC         7.5
Panzer Corps: Allied Corps PC 06 Jun 2013        
panzer dragoon PC          
Panzer Dragoon Saga PC         10.0
Panzer Elite Action Fields of Glory PC          
Panzer General Online PC          
Panzer Pets PC          
Panzer Tactics PC          
Panzer Tactics HD PC         7.7
Panzerkrieg 2: Burning Horizon PC          
Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator PC          
Panzor Corps PC          
Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack PC          
Paparazzi PC         5.1
PapayaFarm PC          
Paper Cakes PC          
Paper Dungeons PC         7.2
Paper Monsters PC          
Paper Moon PC          
Paper Sorcerer PC         8.6
Paper Sorceror PC          
Paperbound PC         7.4
Paperman PC          
Papermint PC          
Papers, Please PC         8.5
Papetura PC          
Papi Commando PC          
Papier PC          
Papo & Yo PC         7.7
Parabellum PC          
Parable of the Polygons PC          
Paradigm PC          
Paradis Perdus PC          
Paradise PC 25 Apr 2006 25 Apr 2006     7.0
Paradise Beach PC         7.0
Paradise Beach 2: Around the World PC         8.0
Paradise Beach Review PC         6.0
Paradise Life PC          
Paradise Lost: First Contact PC          
Paradise Never PC          
Paradise Quest PC          
Paradize PC          
Paradox Embrace PC          
Paradox Game Engine PC          
Paradox Shift PC          
Paradoxion PC          
Paradoxion Express PC          
Paragon Infinite PC         8.0
Parallax PC          
Parallel Kingdom PC         2.0
Paranautical Activity PC         5.8
Paranormal PC         5.5
Paranormal Agency PC         5.0
Paranormal Agency: The Ghosts of Wayne Mansion PC         7.0
Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One PC         8.0
Paranormal State: Poison Spring PC         7.0
Parasite PC          
ParaWorld Gold Edition PC          
Parbellum PC          
Parcel PC         8.2
Pardus PC         7.0
Pareidolia: A Cast of Shadows PC          
Parking Dash PC         7.0
Parkitect PC          
Parks Unleashed PC          
Parodius PC          
Parsec PC          
Participatory Chinatown PC          
Particle Mace PC         8.7
Particles! PC          
particulars PC         6.3
Partisan PC          
Party Animals PC          
Party Central PC          
Party Down PC         7.0
Party Hard PC          
Party Island PC         6.5
Party of Sin PC         6.6
Party Place - Marble Mixer PC         9.0
Party Planner PC         6.0
Party Resort PC         7.0
Passage PC         8.0
Passion Leads Army PC          
Passport to Perfume PC         8.5
Passport to Perfume: Sophia’s perfume diary PC          
Pastry Passion PC         6.0
Pat & Mat! PC          
Patent Blaster PC         5.0
Patent VR PC          
Path of Exile PC          
Path of Exile: The Awakening PC          
Path of Exiles PC          
Path of Shadows PC          
PathEngine PC          
Pathfinder Online PC          
Pathfinders: Lost at Sea PC         7.0
Pathologic PC         6.0
Pathways into Darkness PC          
Patient VR PC          
Patrician IV PC 21 Sep 2010 10 Sep 2010     7.0
Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty PC          
Patrimony PC         7.7
Patterns PC         8.5
Pause Screen From Battletoads PC          
Pawn Stars PC          
Paws & Claws: Pet Vet: Australian Adventure PC 15 Oct 2008       6.8
PAX 2013 PC          
PAX Australia PC          
Pax Regalia: Triage PC         6.5
Pay Day Trivia PC         5.0
PayDay PC          
PAYDAY 2 PC         8.0
PAYDAY: The Heist PC Oct 2011 Oct 2011     7.3
PC PC          
PC PC         6.7
PC Fit PC          
PC gaming PC          
PC Hardware PC         8.3
PC Mark Vantage PC          
PCMark PC          
PDC World Championship Darts 2008 PC   25 Jan 2008 04 Sep 2008   5.3
Peacekeeper PC          
Peacemaker PC 02 May 2007 02 May 2007      
Pearl Harbor: Fire on the Water PC          
Pearl's Peril PC         6.0
Peasants Revolt SoundSet PC          
Peggle PC         8.6
Peggle 2 PC         8.2
Peggle Deluxe PC         8.5
Peggle Nights PC         8.5
PEGI Rating Label Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin PC          
Pen Pen Triicelon PC          
Penalty Rift PC          
Penarium PC          
Penguin Warfare PC          
Penguin Wars PC          
Penguin World PC         6.0
Penguins Arena: Sedna's World PC          
Penguins' Journey PC         8.0
Penis Avalanche PC         8.0
Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1: On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness PC         7.9
Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2 PC         7.9
Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness PC         7.9
Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rainslick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3 PC         8.4
Penny Arcade's On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 PC          
Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 PC         8.0
Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd PC         9.0
Penumbra PC         7.3
Penumbra Collection PC 23 Feb 2009 20 Feb 2009     7.4
Penumbra Soundtrack PC          
Penumbra: Black Plague PC 12 Feb 2008 12 Feb 2008     7.7
Penumbra: Overture PC 2007 2007     7.0
Penumbra: Requiem PC 27 Aug 2008       6.7
Perception PC          
Perception Neuron PC          
Percipio PC          
Perfect Balance PC          
Perfect Balance 2 PC          
Perfect Cherry Blossom PC          
Perfect Getaway PC         6.0
Perfect Golf PC          
Perfect KO PC          
Perfect Strangers PC          
Perfect Strangers: The Video Game PC          
Perfect World PC         7.8
Perfect World International PC         8.0
Perfect World International Genesis PC          
Perfection PC         5.8
Peria Chronicles PC          
PeriAerion PC          
PeriAreion PC          
Perils of Man PC         8.4
Perimeter 2: New Earth PC         4.0
Perimeter II: New Earth PC 10 Feb 2009       4.4
Perished: The Zurkez PC         1.3
Permutation Racer PC 09 Jan 2014 09 Jan 2014 09 Jan 2014    
Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC PC          
Perpetuum Online PC 23 Apr 2014 23 Apr 2014 23 Apr 2014   7.5
Perry Rhodan PC         8.0
Perseus 230 PC          
Persian Soldier PC          
Persona 4 The Animation –the Factor of Hope- PC          
Perspective PC         9.8
Perturbia PC          
PES 2011 PC         8.2
PES 2012 PC         7.7
PES 2013 PC         8.5
PES 2014 PC         7.6
PES 2015 PC         8.3
PES 2016 PC          
Pester PC         8.0
Pet City PC         7.0
Pet Forest PC          
Pet Pals: Animal Doctor PC          
Pet Pals: New Leash on Life PC 22 Oct 2008       6.5
Pet Playground PC         5.0
Pet Rescue Saga PC         7.0
Pet Resort PC          
Pet Show Craze PC   19 Mar 2010     6.0
Pet Society PC         8.0
Pet Tales PC         8.0
Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital Down Under PC          
Peta City PC          
Petank Party PC 01 Oct 2008 01 Oct 2008 01 Oct 2008 01 Oct 2008  
Peter Gabriel's Eve PC          
Petite PC          
PetPet Park PC          
Petrichor PC          
Petrobras de Marcas PC          
Petrograd PC          
Pets vs. Monsters PC          
PetVille PC         8.0
Petz Catz PC          
Petz Dogz PC          
Petz World PC          
Petz: Catz 2 PC          
PetzWill PC         6.0
Phage Wars 2 PC          
Phantasmaburbia PC         8.5
Phantasmagoria PC         5.0
Phantasmal PC          
Phantasmat PC          
Phantasmat: Crucible Peak PC         7.5
Phantasmat: The Endless Night PC         9.0
Phantasy Star Online 2 PC          
Phantasy Star Universe PC 24 Oct 2006 Q3 2006      
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus PC 20 Nov 2007       7.7
Phantom Army PC          
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds PC         7.2
Phantom Mansion II: The North Sea PC          
Phantom Mansion II: Treasure of the Seven Seas PC          
Phantom of Inferno PC          
Phantom Seeds PC          
Pharaoh Gold PC          
Pharaoh's Secret PC         7.0
Phase Wars PC          
Phenomenon: City of Cyan PC         4.0
Phenomenon: Meteorite PC          
Phenomenon: Outcome PC         5.0
Pheonix Rage PC          
Philia: The Sequel to Elansar PC          
Phobos PC          
Phoenix Dawn PC          
Phoenix Dynasty Online PC         4.0
Photo Mania PC         3.0
Photogalaxy PC          
PhotoMunchrs PC          
Photon Baby PC          
Phun PC          
Phylon PC          
Pi Story PC          
Picaroon PC          
Pick The Perp PC          
Pickers PC         8.8
Pickomino PC         6.0
Picolecitta PC          
Pictogrid PC          
Pictureka! Museum Mayhem PC         6.0
Pid PC         6.9
PIddlepup Pirate Poker PC         5.0
Pier Solar HD PC 25 Mar 2014 25 Mar 2014 25 Mar 2014    
Pig Eat Ball PC          
Pig Up PC          
Pigeon Dating Simulator PC          
Piggy Panic PC          
Pike and Shot PC          
Pike Club 2 PC          
PikGem PC         6.0
Pill Cannon PC          
Pillage the Village PC          
Pillar PC          
Pillars of Eternity PC         9.0
Pilotwings 64 PC         9.0
Pimp Game PC          
Pimp My Ride PC          
Pinball FX 2 PC         8.2
Pinball FX 2 - Guardians of the Galaxy Table (DLC) PC         6.0
Pinball FX 2 Plants VS Zombies PC         8.0
Pinball FX2 PC         8.8
Pinball FX2: Portal Table PC         9.0
Pinball Wizard PC          
Pinball Yeah! PC          
Pineapple Smash Crew PC         7.2
Pineview Drive PC         7.4
ping 1.5+ PC          
Pinhead Party PC          
Pink Planets PC          
Pinocchio's Murder PC          
Pintropolis 5 PC          
Pioneer Lands PC         8.0
Pioneers PC          
Pipe Mania PC 23 Sep 2008 26 Sep 2008 21 May 2009   6.8
Pipeline PC          
Piracy Age PC          
Piranha PC          
Pirate Galaxy PC         7.0
Pirate griddles PC         5.5
Pirate Hell PC          
Pirate Hunter PC          
pirate kart PC          
Pirate Princess PC          
Pirate Storm PC         7.5
Pirate101 PC         8.0
Pirates Ahoy PC         8.0
Pirates Life PC         5.7
Pirates of Black Cove PC 02 Aug 2011 02 Aug 2011     6.0
Pirates of New Horizons PC          
Pirates of the Black Cove PC 02 Aug 2011       6.5
Pirates of the Burning Sea PC 22 Jan 2008       7.7
Pirates of the Caribbean Online PC Q1 2007 Q1 2007     6.0
Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned PC          
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End PC          
Pirates Online Rewritten PC          
Pirates Poker PC         6.0
Pirates Saga PC         8.0
Pirates! Gold Plus PC          
Pirates! Showdown PC         7.8
Pirates, Vikings & Knights II PC          
Pirates: Tides of Fortune PC          
Pirates: Treasure Hunters PC          
PISS PC         4.0
Piston PC          
Piston Console PC          
Pitiri 1977 PC         6.0
Pitman PC 08 Feb 2012        
Pivvot PC          
Pix the Cat PC         7.4
Pixaquarium Game Maker PC         5.0
Pixel PC          
Pixel Boy PC         9.5
Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon PC         6.6
Pixel Escape PC          
Pixel Force Halo PC          
Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead PC          
Pixel Galaxy PC          
Pixel Galaxy: Enemies Aren't Forever PC          
Pixel Grower PC          
Pixel Hero PC          
Pixel Hero Prologue PC          
Pixel Heroes PC          
Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic PC         8.2
Pixel Junk 1-6 PC          
Pixel Junk Monsters PC          
Pixel Junk Monsters Ultimate HD PC         8.0
Pixel Noir PC          
Pixel Pickle PC          
Pixel Piracy PC         6.8
Pixel Pop PC          
Pixel Puzzles UndeadZ PC         7.6
Pixel Rift PC          
Pixel Ripped PC          
Pixel Soccer PC          
Pixel Star PC         7.0
Pixel Starships PC          
pixel warfare PC          
Pixel Warfare 2 PC          
Pixel: Are You Squared? PC          
PixelJunk Eden PC         7.7
Pixeljunk Inc. PC          
PixelJunk Monsters Online PC          
PixelJunk Shooter PC          
Pixeloids PC          
PixelPics PC          
Pixelry PC          
Pixeltrek PC          
Pixie PC         7.0
Pixie Hallow PC         6.0
Pixie Hollow PC         8.5
Pixolz PC          
Piyo Blocks 2 HD PC         10.0
Pizza Express PC          
Pizza Frenzy PC         8.0
Pizza Morgana PC         7.0
Pizza Morgana: Episode 1 PC         5.0
Pizza Morgana: Episode 1 - Monsters & Manipulations in the Magical Forest PC         6.5
Pizzarian PC          
PJ Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe PC         7.0
PK Online PC          
Plague Inc. PC         8.0
Plague Inc: Evolved PC         8.5
Plague of Heroes: Point of Orifice PC          
Plain Sight PC 22 Mar 2010       7.8
Plan It Green PC         7.2
Plan N Plant PC          
PlanB PC         8.0
Plane Weaver PC          
Planescape PC          
Planescape 2 PC          
Planescape: Torment PC         9.6
PlaneShift PC          
Planet 51 PC   20 Nov 2009     5.0
Planet Arkadia PC          
Planet at War PC          
Planet Buster PC         8.0
Planet Busters PC 30 Jun 2008 20 Jun 2008     7.0
Planet Calypso PC          
Planet Camzo PC          
Planet Centauri PC          
Planet Coaster PC          
Planet Crashers PC         3.5
Planet Cyrene PC          
Planet Delta PC          
Planet Explorers PC          
Planet M.U.L.E. PC          
Planet Michael PC          
Planet Nomads PC          
Planet Of The Eights PC          
Planet of the Eyes PC          
Planet Pokémon PC          
Planet Punch PC          
Planet Smashers PC          
Planet Soccer Live PC          
Planet Stronghold PC         7.0
Planet War PC          
Planetarian PC         8.5
planetarian: the reverie of a little planet PC         9.2
Planetary Annihilation PC 07 Jun 2013        
Planetfall PC          
Planets at War PC          
Planets Under Attack PC 27 Sep 2012       7.5
Planets³ PC          
Planets3 PC          
Planetside PC         7.1
Planetside 2 PC          
PlanetSide Next PC          
Planetstorm PC          
Plank'd PC          
Plantronics GameCom 780 PC         8.0
Plantronics GameCom Commander PC         8.7
Plantronics RIG PC         8.9
Plants VS Aliens PC         6.0
Plants vs Zombies PC 05 May 2009       9.0
Plants Vs Zombies 2 PC          
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - Zomboss PC          
Plants VS Zombies Online PC          
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures PC         7.5
PLants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition PC         9.1
Plants vs. Zombies HD PC         9.0
Plants vs. Zombies Pinball PC          
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare PC 24 Jun 2014 27 Jun 2014 27 Jun 2014   7.7
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 PC          
PlasmaPig PC          
Platagolf PC          
Platcore PC          
Platform Hero PC         7.0
Platformines PC 28 Mar 2014 28 Mar 2014 28 Mar 2014    
Platforms PC          
Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker PC          
Platinum Life PC          
Platoonz PC         4.0
Platypus PC          
Play Gateshead PC          
Play Hard Football PC          
Play the Industry PC          
Play2Prevent lab PC          
PLayback PC          
Playboy Manager PC          
Playboy Party PC          
Playboy: The Mansion - Private Party PC          
PlayClaw PC         8.0
PlayDetective: Heartbreakers PC         6.0
PLAYGIRLS PC          
Playing History: Vikings PC          
Please Be Nice :( PC          
Please, Don’t Touch Anything PC         8.5
Plight of the Zombie PC         8.0
Plock PC         6.0
Pluder PC          
Plugged PC          
Plunder PC          
Plundr PC          
Plunger PC          
Pneuma: Breath of Life PC         6.5
Poacher PC         7.9
Pocket Fighter PC         6.0
Pocket Legends PC          
Pocket Rumble PC          
Pocketpet Journey West PC          
PocketTowers PC          
Pockie Kingdom PC          
Pockie Ninja PC         8.0
Pockie Ninja II Original PC          
Pockie Ninja II Social PC         7.0
Pockie Pirates PC          
Pockie Saints PC         6.5
POD Gold PC          
Podcast PC          
Podcasting PC          
Poi PC          
Point Blank PC          
Point Perfect PC         7.0
Point Zero PC          
Poisonville PC          
PokeMMO PC          
Pokemon Black & White TCGO PC          
Pokemon Company PC          
Pokemon Dream World PC          
Pokemon Garden PC          
Pokemon Generation Zero PC          
Pokemon Generations PC          
Pokemon Global Link PC          
Pokemon MMORPG PC          
Pokemon Sage PC          
Pokemon The Card Game Online PC         4.0
Pokémon Tower Defense PC         10.0
Pokemon Tower Defense 2: Generations PC          
Pokemon Trading Card Game PC          
Pokemon Trading Card Game Online PC          
Pokemon Twilight PC         9.0
Pokémon Uranium PC          
Pokemon VR PC          
Pokemon World PC          
Pokemon: Official Version PC          
Pokemon3D PC          
Pokemonium PC          
Poker Blitz PC         8.0
Poker For Dummies PC 27 Oct 2008 13 Mar 2009 12 Mar 2009   6.2
Poker Night 2 PC         7.3
Poker Night at The Inventory PC 22 Nov 2010 22 Nov 2010     7.2
Poker Rivals PC          
Poker Simulator PC         3.0
Poker Smash PC          
Poker Superstars Texas Hold-em: All In! PC          
Pokétouch PC          
Polar Paradise PC          
Polarity PC          
Polarium PC          
Pole Position 2010 PC          
Pole Position 2012 PC         4.5
Police 10-13 PC          
Police Force 2 PC         3.0
Police Quest PC          
Police Quest 2: The Vengeance PC          
Police Quest 3: The Kindred PC         4.0
Police Quest: Open Season PC         4.0
Police Simulator PC         5.7
Police Simulator 2 PC         4.0
Police Team Kazuo PC          
police warfare PC          
Political Machine 2008 PC 24 Jun 2008       6.9
Pollen PC          
Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror PC         7.6
Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror PC          
Poly Bridge PC          
Polyball PC          
Polybius PC          
Polycraft PC         8.0
Polygon Storm PC         8.0
Polygonal Fury PC          
Polyhedra XL PC         7.5
Polymorph PC          
Polymorphous Perversity PC          
Polynomial PC          
Polyology PC          
Polyrider PC          
Pon PC          
Poncho PC          
pOnd PC          
Pongo PC         3.5
Pontification PC          
ponykart PC          
Poof PC         7.3
Poof vs the Cursed Kitty PC         6.7
Pool Hall Pro PC 30 Oct 2009 25 Sep 2009     3.2
Pool Master PC         6.0
Pool Nation PC         8.4
Pool Pro Online 3 PC          
Pool Sharks PC          
Poop Tycoon PC          
Pop Boom PC         7.0
Pop Methodology Experiment One PC          
Pop N Spawn PC          
Popcorn Dragon PC          
Popping Ghosts PC          
Poppit PC          
PopTag PC         8.0
Populous PC          
Populous 2 PC          
Popup Dungeon PC          
Porco Grande PC          
Porcunipine PC          
Porcunpine PC          
Porky's PC          
Port Royale PC          
Port Royale 3 PC         6.2
Port Royale 3 Gold PC         7.0
Portal PC 10 Oct 2007 19 Oct 2007     9.0
Portal 2 PC 19 Apr 2011 21 Apr 2011 21 Apr 2011    
Portal 2 'Peer Review' PC         7.8
Portal 3 PC          
Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes PC         8.0
Portal Pinball PC         8.3
Portal: Prelude PC         7.0
Portalnauts PC          
Ports: Pressure at the Ports PC         3.8
Positron PC          
Possession PC          
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem PC         5.2
Post I.T Shooter PC          
Post Master PC         5.0
Post Mortem PC         7.0
Post Script PC          
Postal PC          
POSTAL 1 PC          
Postal 2 PC          
Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend PC          
Postal 2: Paradise Lost PC         6.2
Postal 2: Share the Pain PC          
Postal 3 PC Q2 2011 Q2 2011 Q2 2011    
Postal III PC 2011 2011 2011    
Postmortem: One Must Die PC         9.5
Potatoman Seeks the Troof PC         7.3
Potion Bar PC          
Potion Panic 2 PC          
Pottermore PC          
Pound of Ground: Killed Twice PC          
Poupeegirl PC          
Power Drive 2000 PC          
Power Rangers Online PC          
Power Rangers: Beats of Power PC          
Power Soccer PC          
Powerboat GT PC         6.0
Powerhouse PC         7.0
Powerpets PC          
Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville PC         4.7
Powers & Titans PC          
PowerUp PC          
Pox Nora PC         8.5
poxnora PC         6.7
Practice of Chaos PC          
Practice Spanish: Study Abroad PC          
Praetorians PC          
Pranksterz: No Rest for the Wicked PC         3.0
Praxis PC          
Pray for Dark PC          
Precinct PC          
Precipice PC          
Precursor Mod PC          
Precursors PC          
Predator : The Heat of the Jungle PC         7.0
Predator UAV PC         6.5
Predestination PC          
Pregnancy PC         4.8
Prehistorik PC         4.8
Prelude of the Chambered PC         8.0
Premier Manager PC          
Premier Manager 09 PC         5.0
Premier Manager 2012 PC         3.5
prepar3d PC          
Prepare For Battle PC          
Presence PC          
Present PC          
Presidential Pong PC          
Press X to Jason PC          
Press Your Luck PC         7.0
Press Your Luck 2010 PC 27 Oct 2009        
Pressure PC         5.3
Pressured PC         8.4
Pretentious Game PC         5.0
Pretty in Pink PC         8.0
Prey PC 10 Jul 2006 2006      
Prey 2 PC 2015 2015 2015 2015  
Price is Right PC          
Price of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PC         7.0
Pride of Nations PC 07 Jun 2011       7.3
Priest PC          
Primal Carnage PC          
Primal Carnage: Extinction PC         7.0
Primal Carnage: Ultimate Carnage HD PC          
Primal Fears PC         5.4
Primary PC          
Prime Minister's Questions: The Game PC          
Prime World PC          
Prime World Defenders PC 05 Jun 2013       6.5
Prime: Battle for Dominus PC          
Primo PC          
Primordia PC         7.4
Prince of Perisa PC          
Prince Of Persia PC 09 Dec 2008   11 Dec 2008   8.2
Prince of Persia 5 PC          
Prince of Persia Prodigy PC 09 Dec 2008 12 Dec 2008 11 Dec 2008   8.5
Prince of Persia: Epilogue PC         6.2
Prince of Persia: Fallen King PC         7.0
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time PC         6.0
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PC 08 Jun 2010 11 Jun 2010 Jun 2010   7.5
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time PC          
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones PC 01 Dec 2005 01 Dec 2005     6.0
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within PC          
Princess and the Frog PC         7.0
Princess Battles PC          
Princess Bride PC         6.0
Princess Edge PC          
Princess Evangile PC         8.5
Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse PC         8.2
Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse PC         8.0
Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse Collector’s Edition PC          
Princess Isabella: The Rise of an Heir PC         8.5
Princess Maker 2 PC          
Princess Maker 4 PC          
Princess Pearl PC          
Princess Waltz PC         8.0
Prinny Research Squad PC          
PRIOR PC          
PrioVR PC          
Prism Shell PC          
PrismaPix PC          
Prismata PC          
Prismatica PC          
Prison Architect PC   2014     9.0
Prison Break: The Conspiracy PC 30 Mar 2010 26 Mar 2010     4.4
Prison Tale PC          
Prison Tycoon 4: SuperMax PC         2.5
Prison Tycoon3:Lockdown PC 04 Sep 2007 07 Sep 2007     4.0
Prisonscape PC          
PrisonTale2 PC          
Priston Tale PC          
Priston Tale 2 PC          
Priston Tale II: The 2nd Enigma PC          
Pristontale 2: The Second Enigma PC 02 Feb 2009        
Pritect Sensor Cover PC         6.0
Prius Online PC          
PrivacyVille PC          
Private Eye PC          
Private Infiltrator PC         6.0
Privates PC 05 Aug 2010 05 Aug 2010     6.0
Prize-O-Rama PC         6.0
Pro Baseball Manager Online PC          
Pro Cycling Manager PC          
Pro Cycling Manager – Tour De France 2007 PC 20 Jun 2007 Q2 2007      
Pro Cycling Manager – Tour De France 2008 PC   27 Jun 2008     6.0
Pro Cycling Manager 2005 PC          
Pro Cycling Manager 2009 PC         6.0
Pro Cycling Manager 2010 PC         6.7
Pro Cycling Manager 2011 PC         6.0
Pro Cycling Manager 2012 PC         6.6
Pro Cycling Manager 2013 PC         6.6
Pro Cycling Manager 2014 PC         8.0
Pro Cycling Manager 2015 - Le Tour de France PC         7.0
Pro Cycling Manager Season 2012 PC         5.8
Pro Cycling Manager Season 2014: Le Tour de France PC         5.2
Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France 2010 PC          
Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France 2011 PC 22 Jun 2011 24 Jun 2011      
Pro Evolution '10 PC         7.5
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 PC 11 Mar 2008 26 Oct 2007     8.1
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 PC   15 Oct 2008 30 Oct 2008 30 Sep 2008 7.5
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PC 23 Oct 2009 23 Oct 2009 05 Nov 2009   7.7
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PC         8.0
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PES2011) PC         8.0
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 PC         7.9
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 PC 25 Sep 2012       7.7
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PC         7.9
Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PC 13 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014 13 Nov 2014   8.3
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PC          
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 PC         8.0
Pro Fishing 2012 PC          
Pro Janitor Police PC         7.0
Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey PC         8.0
Pro Pinball: Revived and Remastered PC          
Pro Pinball: Timeshock! PC          
Pro Puzzle Wrestling PC          
Pro Riders Snowboard PC          
Pro Rugby Manager 2015 PC         2.0
Pro Stroke Golf PC          
Pro Wrestling X PC          
Probability 0 PC          
Probably Archery PC         4.0
Process PC         8.0
Procyon PC         6.3
Prodigy PC          
Professional Bull Riders PC          
Professional Farmer 2014 PC         6.5
Professional Farmer 2014: Platinum Edition PC         2.0
Professional Football Simulator PC          
Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity PC 28 Nov 2008       5.6
Project 1999 PC          
Project 87 PC          
Project Adventurer PC          
Project Aftermath PC         7.0
Project AM2R PC          
Project Awakened PC          
Project AX PC          
Project Black Sheep PC          
Project Black Sun PC          
Project Blackout PC         6.0
Project Bluestreak PC          
Project CARS PC 17 Mar 2015 17 Mar 2015 17 Mar 2015    
Project Cars 2 PC          
Project Copernicus PC          
Project Cornerstone PC          
Project Cyber PC          
Project D Online PC          
Project Dread PC          
Project Dust PC          
Project E PC          
Project E:st PC          
Project Eden PC          
Project Empire PC          
Project Eternity PC          
Project EXA PC          
Project FF PC          
Project Giana PC          
Project Goblin PC          
Project Grave PC          
Project Grip PC          
Project Happiness PC          
Project Hell PC          
Project Hell Yeah! PC          
Project Hon PC          
Project Horizon PC          
Project Icarus PC          
Project Juggernaut PC          
Project Jump Scare PC          
Project Legion PC          
Project LIANE PC          
Project Light PC          
Project Lodus PC          
Project M PC          
Project Maiden PC          
Project Mamba PC          
Project Mercury PC          
Project Mimicry PC          
Project Monarch PC          
Project MyWorld PC          
Project Natal PC          
Project Nebula PC          
Project Night PC         1.5
project ninja PC          
Project NT PC          
Project of Planets PC         4.0
Project Offset PC          
Project OG PC          
Project Ogre PC          
Project Orion PC          
Project Phoenix PC          
Project Pi PC          
Project PK PC          
Project Postman PC          
Project Powder PC 30 Aug 2008       7.4
Project Pravus PC          
Project Reality PC          
Project Reality 2 PC          
Project RedLime PC          
Project Rhapsody PC          
Project Root PC         5.0
Project RPB PC          
Project S PC          
Project Scissors PC          
Project Sen PC          
Project Simulus PC          
Project Slypheed PC          
Project Space PC          
Project Spark PC Q4 2014 Q4 2014 Q4 2014   7.6
Project Stealth PC          
Project Stormos PC          
Project T PC          
Project Takedown PC          
Project Tank PC          
Project Tanuki PC          
Project Temporality PC         7.0
Project TGO PC          
Project Tigra PC          
Project Time Travel PC          
Project Tool PC          
Project Torque PC         7.0
Project Torus PC          
Project Tower PC          
Project treadstone PC          
Project Ukulele PC          
Project V PC          
Project V1 PC          
Project V13 PC          
Project Valkyrie PC          
Project Witches PC          
Project Zomboid PC         7.7
Project: Contingency PC          
Project: Gorgon PC          
Project: Mayhem PC          
Project: Theralon PC          
Project: Velyria PC          
ProjectNimbus PC          
Prometheus PC          
Prometheus - The Fire Thief PC          
Prominence PC          
Prompt PC          
Prop Hunt PC          
Propel PC         7.8
Prophecy PC          
Prose and Motion PC          
ProSoccer PC          
ProStroke Golf: World Tour PC          
Proteus PC         7.5
Proto Raider PC          
ProtoGalaxy PC         7.2
Prototype PC 10 Jun 2009 12 Jun 2009 10 Jun 2009   8.0
Prototype 2 PC 24 Jul 2012 24 Jul 2012 24 Jul 2012    
Protoype PC         8.2
Proun PC         7.4
Proven Lands PC          
Proxy Blade Zero PC          
Psichodelya PC         7.0
PSISHOCK PC          
Psyblocks PC          
Psych PC          
Psychic Arrow PC          
Psychic Frog PC          
Psychic Online PC          
Psychoballs PC          
Psychonauts PC 26 Apr 2005       9.0
Psychonauts 2 PC          
Psychosomnium PC          
Psyclops PC          
PT Boats PC         7.5
PT Boats: Knights of the Sea PC         6.1
PT Boats: South Gambit PC          
Puddle PC         8.0
PUFF Deluxe PC          
Pulp! PC          
Pulse PC          
Pulse Shift PC         4.0
Pulstar PC         6.4
Pulsus PC         9.0
Pump It Up PC          
Pump-Action Captain PC          
Pumped: BMX PC          
Pumpkin Online PC          
Punch Club PC          
Punch Monster PC          
Punch Punch Revolution PC         3.0
Punished Talents: Seven Muses PC         8.0
Punk-o-matic PC          
Punk-o-Matic 2 PC          
Puppet Master: The Game PC          
Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent PC         9.0
PuppetShow: Destiny Undone PC         9.5
PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes PC         8.0
PuppetShow: Lost Town PC          
PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville PC         9.0
Puppetshow: Return to Joyville PC         8.0
PuppetShow: Steam Heart PC          
PuppetShow: The Price of Immortality PC          
Puppy Luv and Resort PC          
Puppy Stylin' PC         5.0
Pure PC 16 Sep 2008 26 Sep 2008 30 Oct 2008   8.3
Pure Football PC         4.7
Pure Futbol PC         5.7
Pure Hidden PC   12 Feb 2010     8.0
Pure Hold’em PC          
Pure Pool PC         7.3
PureSim Baseball PC          
PureSim Baseball 2 PC         5.5
PureSim Baseball 4 PC         8.0
Purgatory: War of the Damned PC          
Purge PC          
Purify Puzzle PC         6.3
Purism PC          
Purouty PC          
Purrfect Pet Shop PC         6.0
Purrfectly Ever After PC          
Purrkour PC          
pursued PC          
Pursuit of Power PC          
Push PC          
Push for Emor PC          
Push Me PC          
Push Me Pull You PC          
Push The Box PC         6.0
Pushcat PC         8.0
Pushover PC          
Putin's Olympic Game PC          
Putt Putt Travels Through Time PC          
Putt-Putt Enters the Race PC          
Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon PC          
Putt-Putt Joins the Circus PC          
Putt-Putt Joins the Parade PC          
Putt-Putt: Pep's Birthday Surprise PC          
Putty Squad PC          
PutUp PC         7.1
Puzze Quest PC          
Puzzle Agent PC         7.1
Puzzle Agent 2 PC         7.2
Puzzle Bot PC         8.0
Puzzle Bots PC         7.9
Puzzle Chasers PC          
Puzzle Chronicles PC         6.3
Puzzle Dimension PC         8.1
Puzzle Kingdoms PC Q4 2008 31 Jul 2009     7.0
Puzzle Park PC         7.0
Puzzle Pirates PC          
Puzzle Quest 2 PC         8.3
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords PC 22 Oct 2007       6.8
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC 24 Feb 2009 27 Mar 2009     7.2
Puzzle Quest: Revenge of the Plague Lord PC         7.5
Puzzle Saga PC          
Puzzled PC          
Puzzled Rabbit PC          
Puzzlegeddon PC 27 Nov 2008       7.0
Puzzler World PC         6.0
Puzzler World 2013 PC          
Pwnage PC          
Pwong 2 PC          
Pylon PC          
Pyramid Rising 2 PC          
Pyrite Heart PC         6.3
Pyro PC          
Pyro II PC          
Pyroblazer PC       13 Nov 2008 5.0
Pyroblazer Gold PC         7.0
Pythetron PC