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Games : PS3 : "X"
Game Title Platform Release Dates Review
USA Europe Australia Japan Score
X PS3          
X Blaze Code: Embryo PS3          
X Edge PS3          
X Factor PS3          
X Quest PS3          
X Rocker II PS3          
X-Blades PS3 10 Feb 2009 28 Jan 2009 Q1 2009   5.4
x-com enemy within PS3         9.0
X-COM: Enemy Unknown PS3         9.0
X-Men PS3         4.0
X-Men Arcade PS3 14 Dec 2010       7.2
X-Men III: The Official Game PS3          
X-Men Orgins Wolverine PS3         7.7
X-Men Origins: Wolverine PS3 01 May 2009 01 May 2009 29 Apr 2009   7.5
X-men: Destiny PS3         5.2
X-Men: The Arcade Game PS3         7.1
Xam'd Lost Memories PS3         9.3
Xblaze Code: Embryo PS3         7.7
Xblaze Lost Memories PS3          
XCOM - Firaxis PS3          
XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS3 09 Oct 2012       8.9
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2 PS3          
XCOM: Enemy Within PS3         8.8
Xenogears PS3         9.0
Xevious 3D/G+ PS3         7.3
Xevious Resurrection PS3          
Xi PS3          
XIO PS3          
XMB PS3          
XomB PS3          
XtendPlay (Accessory) PS3         8.9